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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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john: easier said than done for federer. but he doesn't want to be stuck that far back, eight feet or so behind the baseline. he's not returned as well as he would have liked here today. he's been caught on the defensive too often. >> fault. dick: it's uncommon to see him with more unforced errors than winners but that's the case today. 48 errors, 40 winners.
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dick: the excitement of the u.s. open men's semifinals on super saturday and novak djokovic and roger federer in this final set at 1-2, 30-30 with that point from federer, the sold-out 30,000-plus at arthur ashe stadium court. with the winner to meet rafael nadal in the men ice finals tomorrow. mary: nadal still hasn't dropped a set. how much fresher is he going to be? dick: four aces for djokovic, three double faults, but he's served better than the four aces might indicate. a point to even this final set at 2-2.
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dick: 2-2 in the final set. earlier today rafael nadal, who has never made it to the u.s. open final. here's match point against mikhail youzhny and the expression tells a story. he has a chance to complete a career grand slam. he's in the finals tomorrow and how do you pick either one of his potential o-- osnonets will it be djokovic? lit be the five-time winner federer. john: one thing you know for sure, he's loving every minute of this as they battle it out, take it out of each other. they'll have less left in the tank, either one of them, to play nadal.
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dick: six minutes shy of a three-hour match. john: late call out there. you see these two young ladies, up in a couple hours. dick: 8:00 eastern time. 5:00 for you in the west. >> out. mary: that's his 50th unforced error.
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you hate to see points won that way, although djokovic will take it any time. >> out. dick: if you just walked into the stadium and you checked roger federer, you could never tell whether he's winning or losing. rarely shows emotion. john: but the key for him obviously is to get some depth on that backhand.
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this shot right here, you see djokovic pulling up and once that ball comes in short he can't get to it. dick: seven minutes after 6:00 ear here in new york. this tense battle into the final set. 2-3, 30-15. more winners, more errors, federer's side. john: it's been a frustrating day for federer off the return. he's not quite sure about what to do with that second serve ball. he's often gotten too tentative, out of position. >> out. dick: our coordinating producer
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of tennis, our all of us here at cbs sports hope you're enjoying the sights and sounds of the 2010 u.s. open. papa djokovic and mom. i guess it's pretty easy to identify dad, with the face of his son plastered on his shirt. serbian cheering section, or is
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that the swiss? we do know federer is immensely popular around the world. everywhere outside of belgrade, he'll usually have the fans' support on his side. jonathan: that was a fantastic shot, as djokovic's movement is really what's kept him in the match. it's been unbeliever bli good. that has forced federer to really go for it. he clipped the line there. john: another great serve out
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wide. remember, there is a tiebreaker here in this fifth set here rat the open. only majors. so this match will be decided in the next 30 minutes. >> out. dick: big return. john: djokovic gets a lot of balls back. he's very, very good at making you work off your serve.
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john: just like that looked easy. it's back to deuce. dick: 3-3, deuce in the final dick: 3-3, deuce in the final set. >> fault. john: that ball hit the line. it was called out. roger knew it. he's not even getting a chase
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review. that's too bad for both guys. dick: let's check it out on chase review. the ball definitely on the line. it was called out. john: that is why the umpire makes the call, so that the player doesn't have to stop the point when he's not over and risk losing it. that's frustrating for djokovic because he was in the -- had gotten well into that point and if anything had the edge. dick: another excellent return
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ainged -- angled by djokovic. longest game of this set, a couple of deuces. adding to the nerves of the 23,000 that surround this giants stadium. john: that backhand was one of the best, if not the best, he's hit today. boy, did he need that there to open things up. dick: this crowd, so invested into this semifinal.
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dick: oh, no! what a get by djokovic to keep the point alive and eventually win the point. look where he is. john: it doesn't get any better than that. very few guys could have even gotten close to this ball. i don't know if the wind caught that but he was not in the position to hit it the way he wanted. still, a spectacular effort by djokovic. dick: third deuce. mary: he was breaking away from federer and then he tried to change that direction.
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dick: battle of forehands. winner, federer. john: you got to love it now. wow. the intensity is so high. it's like ping-pong we were watching there with those forehands.
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john: called out. called out. it's going to be challenged. dick: stack at that volley and it floated to the baseline and called out by umpire molina. john: roger did not challenge it. saw that mark. dick: the chase review confirming it's another deuce point. point. >> out.
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dick: another world-class play. federer again with a game point. john: i mean, he's pouring it on right now, djokovic. this is an extremely difficult shot to come up with for federer. fantastic shot. dick: as we said earlier, that's entertainment. with my friends we'll do almost anything.
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dick: well, this semifinal living up to the big of our supersaturday. djokovic and federer. federer fighting to hold his serve. 3-4 now, djokovic on the line. women's final 8:00 tonight. zvonareva of russia, clijsters of belgium, looking for her third straight u.s. open in which she has appeared. what's left for djokovic? he seemed really weary as he went to the chair after that last strenuous gale.
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mary: hit a depth charge on the forehand there. john: you can't possibly hit it better than this. this is three hours and 13 minutes in. he's served very solidly, novak djokovic. john: one of the best matches i think he's played in year, djokovic. in trouble now at 15-30, 3-4 in
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the fifth. dick: djokovic grabbing air. federer barely perspiring. dick: federer, as he raced across court, just loading up that backhand. couldn't clear the net. mary: this would have been break point for roger had he gotten this over. john: djokovic just stabbed that and he tried to go around the net post, it appeared. doesn't happen very often. that's a big, big point for him
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to win. mary: that would have been break point so he could serve for the match. dick: point for 4-4. dick: number two seed, long-time number one, roger federer, now 29 years of age. seeking his sixth u.s. title against the young 23-year-old
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serb, nowak djokovic, endeavoring to get to his second u.s. open and first title of the open. they're 4-4 in the final set, win tore meet rafael nadal tomorrow afternoon. john: that's a big-time shot. and she hitting the ball so well off the ground. and he really got under that and went after it confidently.
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>> out. john: that ball was called out. he's going to be challenging it. that was very, very close. dick: if out, a 0-30 advantage to djokovic. here's the chase review. it's in! a swiss miss. replay the point. 0-15. dick: nadal in, winning in straight sets, had to work for
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two hours and 13 minutes. these men have gone 3:17. john: it's not just how long they've been out there. it's the mental strain they've been under too. some serious fatigue. djokovic coming up a little limp on that ankle. we didn't see if he landed on something. let's take a look at he moves back to try to do something with this ball. that slide on that court. got to put a strain on thosely ments. -- on those ligaments. >> out. dick: three hours and 18 minutes in the semifinal match. two sets all, 4-4, 30-30.
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down to the precious points with the winner going on to the finals and a chance at the u.s. open title. john: it's not a serve you see a whole lot anymore but jammed right into the body. a beautiful serve. totally caught him by surprise. . [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. the car hit the brakes faster than i could. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short.
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all come together to create what cnet calls one of the best 2d tvs they've ever tested. the viera full hd 3d tv from panasonic. dick: as you look out over the skyline of manhattan, one wonders if the weathermen -- predicting we could have showers tomorrow, is something in store. there were a few drops of rain, that was in the first week. it's been a very hot and windy fortnight of tennis. roger federer is four points away from joining rafael nadal in the finals but novak djokovic has battled federer toe to toe throughout this thrilling five-setter. and now
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